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The Sports Betting Professor is a handicapping system which promises winning outcomes 97% of the time. With hardly any previous betting experience, or if you are new to the game then, you’re in safe hands following the sports betting professor’s guidance and the strategies revealed in the system.

The Sports Betting Professor is a handicapping system which utilises many different data types to colour bet on the outcome of sporting events. The sports betting professor doesn’t just concentrate on basketball and football, but also takes a look at many other major sports which include Tennis, Cricket, Soccer, Hockey and the biggest sport in the world, horse racing.

The methods used within the system are crucial to the success of the system, which is why Rich Allen a professional horse racing punter, developed the extraordinary system. Rather than you having to analyse match data and take n many hours per week to analyse teams and players, his sports betting system will analyse all of the data available to you in one location.

The key to the system is its staking plan and progressive profits system, which together will provide the betting system with the absolute best possible odds on your betting outcomes.

Rich Allen a self proclaimed professional punter who has bet professionally on horse racing for 5 years, developed the unique progressive betting system. After much testing and after working with his betting system, he has discovered a way to turn the industry on its ear.

Unlike other betting systems and products which offer little tips and tricks to get you on the road to betting success, the sports betting professor lays the ground work and will show you how to profit from betting without the need for you to figure out odds and intricate betting strategies.

The sports betting professor has designed his own method of money management, which gives you the best possible edge against the bookmakers. The money management rules within the sports betting system are designed to guard you from losing a few bets, which may happen to you. He has made it very easy to make a decision on whether you are going to bet or not, and he has made it very easy to do so, especially because each time you place money on a bet, the system will tell you whether you are a winner or a loser.

The purpose of the system is to place a bet on each sporting event, which is a far cheaper method, takes all the time and effort out of deciding whether you will bet or not, and ensures that you are a consistent winner.

The Sports Betting Professor is not designed to make you a winning betting player, but rather to help you increase your profits, and with this system you can do just that.

The product is a purchase, which will last you a lifetime and should that not be enough, you can upgrade to a lifetime subscription and receive all the picks for both the NBA and Major League Baseball, which will increase your time here as well.

Rich Allen a professional punter who has been making a living from betting on sports for some time now. He has a superb system for making money, which can be best described as a ‘sport arbitrage’ system, which means, betting on all possible outcomes with the result of ninety percent of all bets being winners. The only odd that makes the system unique is that it substantially reduces the amount of bets you would place, invariably leading to fewer opportunities or larger losses.

Within the past two years, you would be the Queen of the Forest if you had an account with the popular betting exchange Betfair. Unfortunately, Investors around the world have devised ways around the Apples andsoftware to bet on Betfair and you will learn this soon enough. Within three to four years, you would be the laughing stock of the investment industry if you had a good Betfair account.