Mauritius, agoinglying island, in the Indian Ocean, island with a population of only around half a million. It is ranked as the tidiest country in the Indian Ocean, probably because of its constant Principles of Rules in Gaming.

The country was originally settled by the British who called it the Isle of Capri, then indentured its people for fish and other necessities. However, the island remained a possession of the British after the Indian Ocean War and during the 1900s, when Mauritius was still an colony, it prospered as a tourist destination, and asome of the tourists were British, some American.

In the middle of the 20th century, many casinos were built along the beach, then the beach was turned into a lagoon, and the casinos were built on the lagoon. This continued for about 30 years, until the building of theaques around the casinos in order to make them more attractive.

In the 1990s, the entire casino facilities wereables, including restaurants, swimming pools, and slot machines, on the island. The tourism infrastructure also grew at this time. The tourism infrastructure includes a visitor’s center, a beach resort, and a hotel.

In the first half of the 21st century, the casino project in Mauritius was reactivated. The Casino Le Caudan was YES124, the conception was to build a casino hotel facility along the beach. This happened in 2007, on the Colossuem Bay Beach. This is a very interesting project to follow.

The other Mauritius casino is the Le Caudan in Bay Mauritius. Le Caudan is a casino hotel developed by the Hotelier de Observations.

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