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Printer Not Printing Black: It is a very common error that Printer not printing black. There are many reasons because of your Printer, not printing black. Here is how you can fix if your printer not printing black or if you are unable to print black color with your printer.

Sometimes you search on Google to fix it and unfortunately you unable to fix it. We get a lot of queries about this that printer is not printing black and many other issues as well. In this article, I will share the details about printer errors and common troubleshoots about your printer.

Printer Not Printing Black

Few basic things you have to do on:

  • Turn off your printer, disconnect it from your computer, and remove the USB cable as well. After few minutes connect your USB cable back to the computer and printer, turn on your printer.
  • Now print a quality diagnostic report or print a test page.

Printer Not Printing Black

  • You can find this usually on your printer screen or you can check your user manual guide for more information.
  • Check your printer ink level. Check your Printer ink volume in your printer cartridges

Printer Not Printing Black

Assess Your Ink Cartridge To Fix Printer Not Printing Black

1. Replace ink cartridges that are low on ink or empty.

2. Ensure ink cartridges are snapped into place and are properly installed in their own proper slot.

3. Double-check to be certain that you’ve removed the tape over the port in case you set up a new cartridge.

4. Assess if the vents of these cartridges are clogged. You can correct this by gently using a pin to clean up the clog on the port.

5. Consider using another ink cartridge to ascertain if your printer can recognize cartridges. If your printer used to work with an old cartridge, then try installing that old cartridge and see whether your printer produces any kind of output–any shade of grey will do.

We simply need to ascertain whether if it is the cartridge or the printhead that is causing problems. If your printer can print something with the old cartridge, then it is not the printhead. Instead, your brand new black cartridge might be faulty and should be replaced. However, if your printer won’t print with the old cartridge, then the next step is:

Assess Your PrintHead and Fix Printer Not Printing Black

1. If switching ink cartridges does not function, another thing to check is the printhead. Ensure that your printheads are not clogged. Most printers have an automatic printhead cleaning feature but if you are in a position to eliminate the printhead out of your printer, you can wash it manually. Here is an article that talks about the way to manually clean the printhead of an Epson printer because Epson printheads are notorious for clogging. It pays to take a look at the article even if your printer is not the same brand.

2. If running the automatic printhead cleaning feature once does not work, run it again a second or third time. There is a limit to how often you can run the automatic cleaning feature. And of course, running the automatic printhead cleaning function uses up plenty of ink!

3. Re-align the printer. For HP printers, you’ll find this option in your printers LCD display screen: Installation > Tools.

Advanced Fixes

If it isn’t the cartridge and not the printhead, it is possible that the problem is with the software/printer driver. Tweaking the newspaper settings is 1 way to solve the issue.

  • Try changing the printer driver settings to choose”glossy photo paper” as this may activate the printer to begin printing again. This is only applicable if your printer has two black cartridges–just one dye-based and the other pigment. The sort of black ink that your printer uses would typically rely on the paper type selected. Pigment black works best with matte paper and dye works with glossy. By switching from 1 paper type to another, we are hoping to activate or jump start any of the black cartridges to work.

At this time, if that still does not work and you are sure it is not the cartridge nor the printhead, then go ahead and reconfigure your printer. If your printer stopped working after you updated your PC or Mac’s operating system, try uninstalling and reinstalling your printer driver. You’ll find a downloadable version in your printer manufacturer’s web site. And even if you did not upgrade your OS, go ahead and reinstall your driver anyway.

Do aftermarket ink cartridges cause printhead issues?

No, not especially. It’s possible to receive a defective unit whether you’re using an original or aftermarket cartridge. Besides the cartridge, there are additional aspects to consider as well such as how long your printer has been sitting unused.

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