It’s a really common tale that HP Printer Not Printing Black. You have to print something and your printer’s black ink has decided to take a permanent vacation.

You go straight to Google and look for fixes to solve this issue and run into a number of printer forums without a clear resolution. We have gotten calls on this matter as well so to help, we have put together a list of things you can do if your printer stops printing in black.

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HP Printer Not Printing Black:

Out of the several issues printer users encounter, we would say that the HP printer not printing black ink is right up there (or is it down there?) With the fundamentals. Why? Well, because black ink, of course.

It is more than that, however: while colour printers have been something for decades, there are still lots of non-colour printers utilized and available at each price level, whether we are talking two-digit or four-digit price tags.

Loads of offices do not bother getting a colour printer at all: because they will simply be printing text files, they need a printer which excels in areas besides developing a great palette.

HP printer not printing colour problem occurs mainly because of these three major problems –

1. Cartridge Falling Short of color Ink.

2. Printhead not functioning as desired.

3. Color printing isn’t enabled.

HP Printer Not Printing Black Ink: Troubleshooting Steps to Follow

  • Clean Printhead

Many times the printer has clogged print head nozzles that don’t allow the apparatus print black. Cleaning the printhead may be the solution for this issue. To clean the print head in your HP printer model, you can either go with the sterile Printhead alternative, or you may select the Deep Cleaning in the HP printer control panel’s Maintainance menu.

Be certain that you’ve loaded some paper on your printer before you select’sterile Printhead’. Check the printer manual to understand how it is possible to clean the printer head in detail.

  • Open the Printer Troubleshooter

Windows operating system includes the printer troubleshooter that helps to repair the frequent printer problem once the printer doesn’t print according to the expectations. Following are the easy step by step guidelines to start the printer troubleshooter:

  • Click the ‘Cortana Type here to search’, to start the printer troubleshooter.
  • Now, type ‘troubleshoot’ in the search bar.
  • Choose the ‘Troubleshoot’ to open the ‘Settings’ app window.
  • Choose the printer and hit the’Run the troubleshooter’ to start the Window in Snapshot.
  • Choose the’HP Printer’ version in the printer troubleshooter window.
  • Hit the Next button to troubleshooter the issue.
  • Open’Printer troubleshooter’ from another’Windows’ platform, click’Window + R’ key.
  • Type Control Panel from the open box. Hit the Ok button.
  • Click troubleshoot to start the Control Panel applet.
  • Hit’View All’ on the left window to start the troubleshooter lists.
  • Right-click printer and select’Run as Administrator’.
  • Replace Low Ink Cartridges

Occasionally the HP printer not printing black ink problem occurs as a result of low ink level. However, the majority of the time users ignore replacing the trunk ink cartridge when ink. AN exclamation indication of the Ink level indicator that indicates that ink level is low,. Thus, you will need to replace the ink cartridges to correct this issue.

Be certain you enter the ink cartridge to your printer and buy it just from the official site. The third party ink cartridges frequently create trouble for the users. On the HP site, you can seek out the ink cartridges by typing the printer model in the search box and find the right one for your device.

These are a few simple guidelines that can help you with HP Printer Not Printing Black Ink.

Troubleshooting on your device

The mentioned steps are extremely straightforward and easy to follow, but in the event that you still have a doubt or you’re not able to troubleshoot the issue from preceding steps, you can get in contact with HP help group and find the expert guidance to troubleshoot printer not printing black ink issue on your HP printer.

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