How To Install HP Printer Without CD

Are you looking for how to install HP printer without cd? Here is a complete guide about how to install hp printer without cd. There are many options that you can install an HP printer without a CD. You can install the HP printer online and without a CD. You can take help from an expert team or just you can fix it by yourself as well.

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How To Install HP Printer Without CD:

HP is a reputed company in the world in the term of technology and gadgets. HP provides a laptop, desktop, LED, electronic gadgets as well printers also. The company deals in various kinds of gadgets segment like printer, LED, computer & laptops as well. HP’s most popular and demanding products are printers and laptops.

For the usage of the gadgets provided by HP must be installed properly in the term of use that product. One of the product printers also needs to be installed before you may use it to print. You can also install an HP printer without CD as well. In this threat, we will discuss how to install an HP printer without a CD.

There are various ways to install the HP printer without CD that we will discuss in our upcoming paragraph.

For gadgets like printer, you can not use these gadgets with full and correct installations. You need to install it properly before you may able to use that.

If you would like to take any kind of installation help from third party you can take help from us. You can also get help to install HP printer with having any disk or installation CD.

To get any kind of help you can ask on our chat support. We are 24×7 available to help you here.

Here are the solutions you can choose if you want to install HP printer without CD:

  • How to Install Printer without CD – USB Cable:

In this procedure, you need a cable that will support your printer and your computer too. This type of cable always also available with your printer. In case you don’t have then you can easily buy that cable from your nearby store.

  • Plugin printer USB cable to your computer.
  • Now its time to turn on your computer.
  • Now click on the computer start button.
  • Now Go to the control panel.
  • Go to Hardware and sound option
  • Now choose add printer or scanner option
  • Now your Printer name will be shown on your screen
  • Choose that printer and proceed for installation
  • It will take 5-10 minutes to finish the installation.
  • How to Install Printer without CD – Installation via Software:

We will recommend that go with this option if you have enough knowledge about Softwares or printer. You can also take the help of Technicians online to install your printer via software. It is also important and makes sure you read the complete user manual. You can check your printer model number and model name before getting started.

Make sure to always check your model name and model number of the printer. With your model name and number you can download the necessary files and follow the steps below:

  • Go to the HP printer official website
  • Now click on Printer Menu Option on HP printer official website
  • Now search your model number and printer model name
  • Now check the software link and download that software from HP official website
  • Click on the download link and wait for the download files
  • After complete your download check your files and unzip that file. Extract the file with extractor and save it in a folder
  • Now double click on the software setup file
  • It will little time so wait for that and make sure to follow the screen instructions.
  • Lastly, connect your printer through wifi or cable as per your printer features.
  • Now you can see you are able to access your printer.
  • How to Install HP Printer without CD – Take technician help:

Technicians are highly professional and always ready to help you 24×7. If you want to install a printer without CD you can take help from technicians. To get the best services and avoid any kind of issue with the printer you can take the help of expert technicians.

Installing HP printer without CD is not an easy task. Be careful, if you make any mistake you will not able to use your printer. You can take help from officials or technicians as well.

Conclusion: How To Install Hp Printer Without CD

If you are going to install HP printer without CD you have to follow a few instructions and be careful. Many times you choose the wrong configuration option and you may unable to use your printer normally.

So before starting how to install HP printer without CD make sure you know each and everything about the installation process. If you don’t know about the installation process you can take the help of technicians.

Always getting help from technicians are good if you don’t know more about printer and computer. That will save your time and avoid any kind of risk as well. Get a good technician with us online and the technician will fix everything for you.

  • How to Install HP Printer without CD – Some Common Error:

Here are some common errors during the Installation HP printer without CD.

  • The printer will be offline while installation. So you can not use your printer during the installation.
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet while installing HP printer without CD. It may few additional files required for that and your software drivers will be download those files automatically. So make sure your computer will be connected to the internet during the installation.
  • Never try to install any gadgets like printer if you don’t have much knowledge of that product and computers because it may harm or destroy your product. Better than we will suggest hiring a professional technician.
  • Always use updated drivers while installing your HP printer. Outdated drivers may be a reason of your failed installation.

This is the complete guide on how to install HP printer without CD. You may hire an online technician to avoid any issues.

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