Paxful is a leading P2P platform for crypto users. Paxful allows you to buy and sell bitcoin using Peer to Peer transfer system. If you are looking for Paxful Customer Service you are in right place. Here you will get how to contact Paxful Customer service. If you are facing any issue with your Paxful account or Paxful wallet you can contact Paxful Customer Service.

Paxful Customer Service

Paxful provides customer service to its users and customer. There are 2 kinds of Paxful customer services one for vendors and another for users and customers. If you have any issue with your Paxful account like, you are unable to do trade or you are unable to sign in into your Paxful account, Unable to send or receive BTC, and much more.

If you are facing this kind of issue you can contact Paxful customer service or you can chat with the support agent.

Paxful Customer Service Phone Number

Paxful is a leading P2P crypto buying and selling company providing support for a long time. Paxful is a trusted company working in 20+ countries and providing the best P2P trades for users.

If you are looking for a Paxful Customer service phone number here you can contact Paxful customer support with phone number. Make sure before contacting you have few basic details in hand so that the customer support agent help you in a better way.

Paxful Customer Service Chat Support

Paxful also provides Paxful customer service chat support. If you think that your wallet is not working and you want to contact Paxful Customer service, then you can easily get back to Paxful customer service chat support.

Paxful has various options to provide support to their customers. Paxful provides support with Paxful email Support, Paxful Chat Support, Paxful customer support on call, and much more.

There are a few things you must in mind before going to Paxful customer service chat support. You must have a valid reason to contact Paxful customer service chat support. Without reason contacting Paxful support means just increase customer support rush and nothing more than that.

My Bitcoin Freezed in Paxful

If you have one of the issues that your bitcoin is frozen within your Paxful account. This is a common error if you violate any TOS of Paxful they have the right to freeze your account anytime.

This is the biggest reason if you violate any of Paxful TOS they will freeze your account and hold your bitcoin as well.

I am unable to send my Bitcoin to another wallet

If you have an issue like you are unable to send your bitcoin to any other Paxful wallet or any other Bitcoin wallet, you may contact to support anytime. Before getting started, you must have a few details about your transaction.

You can also raise a ticket about Unable to send bitcoins to another wallet as well.

I am unable to login into my Paxful wallet

If you are facing this issue about you are unable to login to your Paxful account, you may contact Paxful customer service or Paxful customer support.

There are many reasons that you may face this common issue. It may you are entering the wrong Email and Password or it may Paxful blocked your account due to policy violation.

Try to clear browser cache and cookies and then try to log in it again. If you are facing the same issue still, just get in touch with Paxful customer support.

How to raise a ticket in Paxful:

If you are facing any issue or any kind of problem you can raise tickets anytime. Paxful introduced a Ticketing system to make its customer support easy and best. So you are always free to raise tickets in Paxful anytime.

Here are the steps you may follow to raise the tickets:

  • Login to your Paxful Account
  • Now Go to the contact us section, you can find it below of your screen

  • Now click on that and open the chat box.

  • Now click on Get in Touch and fill the form:

Fill the details and click on “Send”. Within a 24-hour the Paxful customer support team will get back to you and ask about the issue. If you already filled your issues they will get back to you.

Paxful always tries to support its customers with chat and phone support as well. But many times they failed to deliver their best.

Paxful Customer Service – Get In touch

With any kind of issue, you can contact anytime to Paxful Customer Service. Many times they failed to provide you customer support so you can drop them an email and they will get back to you soon.

About Paxful:

Paxful is a leading P2P company working in several countries for BTC and crypto trading. If you want to buy and sell Bitcoin in your local currency Paxful is the best option for you. Anyone can easily trade and buy-sell bitcoin online using Paxful.

With 300+ Payment methods, Paxful provides the best customer support and services to its users. Users can trade anytime with 1000’s of the available vendor on Paxful.

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