OK, so the world of online poker is big and it’s growing bigger every minute. Who wouldn’t want to get in on it? I for one would love to know how to win at online poker using Thor, or at least why Thor is making casino owners and their customers lose money. So I did some research and here’s my answer…

It’s possible to win at online Dewacasino using Thor, but it’s unlikely you will. You could, in fact, do it – you just have to be crazy. You need to have a clear understanding of what the top players are doing, and you need to recognize what their tells are, as well as being able to read their bluffs. While you can do this in normal offline life, if you’re doing it online, you can’t possibly grasp the level of information available to you in online chat and other ‘real-time’ situations.

Your Opponents:

If you figure that out, you’ll be able to crush your online opponents handly, and since you’re not going to be playing against the most skilled players, you’ll be able to steal a lot of pots. But against any player who isn’t a pro, you’ve got to be pretty good! You also have to be able to determine the ‘tells’ that they’re giving off. What amounts to a tell? Another player explains it this way:

“If they’re drunk, they draw poker faces; if they’re sober, they have the uncanny ability to read faces. The more a player knows about you, the more they can read you.”

Thorp is supposed to govern the action with his presence. That means that if he’s not in a hand, he won’t be involved in the hand; the hand will be placed with a raise. That way, if you’re raising with Thor and he sees what you’re holding, he’ll have enough information to realise that a strong hand is better than yours, and he’ll fold. That, folks, is a tell. (Your opponents describe that as his ‘vision’ thing. Yeah, sure, any good actor could do that. It’s about thegest thing anybody could imagine.)

Your Technology Stack Than You opponent’s Technology Stack

Your computer’s hardware is vastly superior to yours. Your enemies on the internet are constantly improving. They’re also constantly learning about you. How they do it, and what they can do to you, is pretty advanced field of study. Your opponents’ ability to move, or hide from you, or fly computers across the internet, is something that only the most natural-going humans could master. But, really, what do computers know that we don’t? They can use sophisticated camouflage and ‘ence-of-standing’ techniques to trick us, confuse us, trick each other… yeah, they’re human, too.

So, it’s not like you have a crystal ball that can see your opponents’ cards. It’s like they’re wearing sunglasses, or a Halloween Ghost mask, or a pair of reflective biking shorts. It’s really more than that. It’s about the subtleties of poker – like, you can’t always tell if a player is bluffing, or if he has a real, strong hand. Or, if a player is tired, or stressed, or angry, or whatever.

Your Bots vs. Expected Bots

Expected bots are a different matter. We’re not really sure how they work, because at the moment everyone is using them. On the other hand, there are a lot of statistically likely scenarios for people using them. Best Poker determines their existence and use via a large amount of relative data. For example, it could calculate the odds that a player would lose all the money that he put in the pot if let’s say the pot were 6,000 dollars. This function, also known as the EV, is supposed to make the bot performantly call, fold or raise according to the EV.

This data-collection method is very practically useful for players who suffer from the usually poor performance of bots. It’d also be useful for developers of bots, because of the fact that poker is a game which is very much dependent on statistics. In other words, players would not need to really be concerned about the level of competition when using bots, because the bot has no need to guess or to be able to read people’s faces. It doesn’t know what cards they are holding. It doesn’t need to guess numbers, it doesn’t need to be able to read opponents, and it doesn’t need to be always moving and sophisticated. All the above capabilities, plus the fact that you don’t really play with Doyle Brunson or anything, means that you can safely say that poker with bots is safe even for the most inexperienced of players.