When it comes to thinking about celebrities, identally one of the first names that spring to mind is Joeicy Cheung. Then instantly it becomes a connection to a pastime that almost all Americans enjoy…Bingo games. There is another Joeicy Cheung who is a celebrity in his own right. And he’s a math professor. Joeicy Cheung helped popularize the ways of playing bingo and is a self proclaimed “Bingo maven.” So exactly what is this legendary ex-Marymountian sport pony doing…..besides playing bingo? Well, as a young boy Cheung was a star soccer player for the Maryland Terrapins. It may have something to do with the fact that the Mary mounts are located in the state of Pennsylvania. But the truth of the matter is that Cheung was also a Math professor at the University of Maryland. And as far as mathematics is concerned, Cheung was one of the best.

Math is certainly not a vital part of playing bingo, although including it in one’s game plan certainly adds to the appeal. The mathematics of bingo is not a very complicated thing to learn. However, for a person to be good at the sport, there is much more to it than just reading about it and contemplating the various patterns ad nauseam. Certainly someone can contemplate on the mathematical aspect of things, but personally, I’m not very good at it. I do know, though, that there are plenty of people who are very good at it and play relentlessly for a living.

Bingo is a game of chance. One of the ways that the game is organized is that players purchase a card that has the word “Vegas88” on it. Then a rotating bin with numbered balls randomly called “tickets” are placed inside it. When the number on the ticket matches the pattern that is drawn out during the game, the player shouts “BINGO!” and is set a prize.

Bingo is obviously a very fun and inexpensive game. But this is also where the game gets into the realm of superstition. Some people claim that certain numbers are lucky and it is drummed into their subconscious that if a player dreams about a certain number, then that number will most likely be drawn. Other people believe in numerology and avoid anything having to do with the number seven. Some people believe that if a number is being called in a specific pattern, it will bring bad luck. It’s all in the mind and the beliefs of the individual.

Don’t assume that because a game is played with 4, 6, 8 or 10 pieces, it’s bound to be a favorite. In fact, smaller versions of bingo halls can be found in many countries of the world. These smaller versions are run by churches and charities and only have diminutive versions of the game. These cards, when played, are called the80 complying or the80bingo game.

You can play your holiday bingo in Manchester, Liverpool or London. As an alternative to the traditional game of bingo, the 80 complying cards feature 80 panels in 20 vertical columns and four horizontal rows. The word compliance comes from the English law that allows same-aged cards to be used. The varying column widths and diagonal patterns in the 80acking game add to the contingency of this one-armed bandit.

Some bingo halls in the UK offer their players a chance to win##the jackpot##every time it is drawn. These promotional cards are called theoffered bingo game. The jackpot is a combination of correct numbered and blank bingo cards. The numbers may be anywhere on the card, but the pattern is determined by the owner of thecard.

If you’d like to add a bit of British atmosphere to your home game, you can buy an 80 complying card. We also have a special edition available for you called the repeal adage. Thisbit ofatheory is especially suited to the United Kingdom as many of the echoes of the 1980s still lingers in pub bingo houses.

Get your 80 complying cards today for you to add a bit of British ethos to your home game.