Consecutive numbers have very low chances of winning the T. Though this may be a great lotto strategy to win twice, you are essentially running the very dangerous risk of having three consecutive numbers as your combined total. Avoid it at all costs.

Stay away from these consecutive numbers like the plague. Avoid choosing numbers that are within a specific range of numbers. Avoid choosing two adjacent numbers on either side of a lotto number. Avoid choosing three consecutive numbers as well. Sure, those numbers may have a chance, but it is still so extremely low.

Avoid choosing numbers that are grouped together on the betting card. Whether in ascending or descending order, numbers should never be selected in groups or lines.

Never use birth dates. The dates of birth do not normally add up to very specific numbers. There is no possible way that a person can pick three birthdays very specifically to have a lucky week. Besides, if it was that easy, there would be a lot of people out there making money betting on the lottery.

Never use consecutive numbers in a six-number combination. Consecutive numbers are rarely drawn, so you are taking a serious risk by making this selection.

If you do not want to risk it, then do not pick numbers in groups. You can specify which set of numbers you want by simply marking them on the betting card. Do not make arbitrary selection like choosing three numbers that are the same, or two numbers that are the same and another two that are the same. Always use numbers that are specific.

Avoid consecutive numbers in handicapping numbers. When you pick your numbers, mark them on your betting card. But if you pick three consecutive numbers, then pick those same two numbers again and pick those same numbers again. You will now need to add the three numbers you chose in order to complete the six-number combination.

Base your purchase on a six-number combination. In this method, you can ensure that you are picking the same numbers as the other people. In your betting card, just indicate that you want “more” numbers.

Try always to use a mixing device when you pick your numbers. Six-number combinations are very difficult to determine. Only through thorough research can you possibly come up with the six numbers that you need.

Guessing games are not only for serious Togel88 players. People who play the game for fun also know that to be able to win the pick 3 lotto, an effective strategy must be used. Systems and techniques are available to help you increase the possibility of winning. Bookmark the several lotto websites that many people talk about and be active. You could be part of the first group to sign up for these newsletters in order to receive important lotto information in your inbox.

To win the pick 3 lottery, to be able to play the game often and to be able to increase your chances at winning, you need to find a proven strategy, one that has been proven to work well for other people, not just on paper.